d50 report #2

since i have to drop the boys off for school (unlike dropping the boys off at the pool) i usually arrive in the church office somewhere between 7:10 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. noah and i usually hang out together for awhile waiting for the elementary school to begin (it begins 20 minutes later than the middle & high schools). so after noah leaves for school i have the office all to myself for 20 minutes or so. it’s a great time to get myself focused, pray, check my email and voice messages, etc. i love the quiet time i have. today noah’s sick and thus i have the office all to myself from the moment i have arrived. i just finished checking my email and was greeted by the tremendous subject line “your cameta camera order has shipped for ebay #7589942992”. yes the d50 has been shipped.

for those of you who feel like your life depends upon this information i’ll post the current events of the d50’s journey to baton rouge:

us 02/21/2006 5:45 p.m. billing information received
02/21/2006 9:14 p.m. origin scan
farmingdale, ny, us 02/21/2006 10:55 p.m. departure scan
02/22/2006 12:23 a.m. arrival scan
secaucus, nj, us 02/22/2006 4:41 a.m. departure scan

i hope this helps calms your fears. i will keep you updated.

SIDE NOTE – in the interests of truth in advertising i have got to tell you that i am old. i know most of you know this already but i figured i would simply reinforce this fact for you. i have begun to be more demonstrative in my emotions (i.e. i laugh allot easier than i used to). i’ll be watching a commercial and just bust out laughing over something i once would barely acknowledge. the one that gets me right now is one of the febreze commercials. it’s the one where the group is playing charades and the guy is on the floor smelling the carpet. the people are guessing things like “speed bump”. when one of the guessers shouts out “you’re a sausage link” i lose it ever time. it’s a sad state.

SIDE NOTE – i recently read this article concerning a group in san francisco called “the compact.” they have decided as a group not to buy anything new in 2006. they have allowed themselves to buy new food, health and safety items, and underwear, but that’s it. everything else that they buy during the year has to be used and if there is any question concerning it’s used nature they have agreed to discuss it with each other. this is their attempt to keep themselves from being governed by the constant impulse to buy that is so natural within our society. i think it’s great. pam and i were challenged quite some time ago by the thought that if our income determined our lifestyle then were were being controlled by that income. in other words, if the amount of money you spend to live is determined by how much money you make (i.e. you spend everything you make) then you are controlled by your income. this is why so many people (myself included) were able to survive on next to nothing as students and then later in life can barely make it on $150,000 a year (myself not included because there is no way that a youth minister would ever be paid $150,000). being controlled by your income is also why so many people who actually want to give to great charities find that they have very little money to give. since being exposed to that thought pam and i have tried to control our expenses rather than having them control us. we don’t always succeed but we are constantly trying. i don’t know anything else about “the compact” but the “buy nothing new for a year” thought sounds pretty compelling to me.

of course, there is great irony in the fact that i am talking about this in the same post that i have written about my new nikon d50, which apparently hasn’t moved from secaucus, nj yet. come on ups

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  1. here is the real question… what glass is coming with that camera? i think nikon usually has the good kits, but i’m canon guy (don’t be jealous) so i’m not familiar with the standard nikon lenses.

  2. here are the stats:

    Nikon 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Zoom Lens
    Lens Construction: 6 elements in 6 groups
    Picture Angle: 74°-30°10′
    Minimum Focus Distance: 1.1ft
    Focus Modes: Autofocus and manual focus
    Zoom Control: Manually via separate zoom ring
    Filter Size: 58mm
    Dimensions (diameter x length): 2.6 x 2.5 in.
    Weight: 6.9 oz.

    it’s a true nikor lens – not the best they have but definitely decent.

  3. I once saw a news story about people who even refused to buy new food. They scavenge in grocery store and restaurant trash cans for their meals. They say that these places throw away perfectly good food so why shouldn’t they eat it? I don’t drink milk past the date even if it smells ok, so you won’t catch me dumpster divin!

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