d50 report #3

it’s 6:15 and the ups tracking system says that my nikon d50 has still merely departed secaucus, nj and not arrived anywhere yet. where could my d50 be? it shouldn’t take 36 hours for the ups truck to check into another spot for for the diligent ups workers to scan my box and verify that the d50 is on it’s way home to me. something most have happened to prevent it from running home to me. this leads me to two possible conclusions: 1) the ups driver realized that he/she was carrying a nikon d50 within his vehicle and decided that it was worth losing his/her career to posses the d50 and has stolen my little gem in transit. i’ve never really trusted anyone who willingly chooses to wear brown from head to toe. OR 2)the ups driver had an accident and it stuck unconscious in a ditch by the side of the road. the driver’s injuries are probably so heinous that they keep him/her from radioing in for someone to come and make his/her delivers (and get help for his/her injuries). my poor little d50 is sitting there in the dark worried for it’s poor little life and having to listen to the cries of the ups driver. i sure do hope that the ups driver regains consciousness so that he will be able to call for someone to come and pick up his/her delivers (and of course, get help for his wounds – but after the deliveries are made).

neither of these options is good. i fear the worst.

for the fun of it i thought i would write out the items that i believe will be my first acquisitions to compliment the d50 (of course, i have months and months of research and saving before i buy any of these items – after all, it took me a year of research and saving before i decided to buy this camera). here goes:

i’ll end up researching this tuff out for quite sometime. i’ve decided to build a separate amazon wishlist to keep up with the items that i begin to consider (was i the only person on the internet who didn’t realize that you could set up more than one wishlist on amazon?).

of course, none of this matters if my camera continues to be stuck in a ditch with the unconscious ups delivery person.

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  1. that 50mm lens is a great bet. you won’t miss the difference between the 1.8 and the 1.4, really. as for the camera bag, make sure you can rip the “canon” off of it, you don’t want to advertise any sort of “steal me!” merchandise inside it.

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