random quote – the ressurrection

there’s a story about the writer g.k. chesteron, whose conversion to CHRISTian faith caused a stir in great britain at a time when smart people (and chesterton was brilliant) weren’t supposed to believe. so he’s standing on a street corner in london when he’s approached by a newspaper reporter. “sir, i understand that you recently became a CHRISTian,” the reporter says. “may i as you one question?”

“certainly,” says chesterton.

“if the risen CHRIST suddenly appeared at this very moment and stood behind you,” the reporter inquires, “what would you do?”

and chesterton looks the reporter square in the eyes and replies, “HE is.”

brennan manning, posers, fakers, & wannabes, p. 115.

[Listening to: Come Fall On Us (Psalm 50) – Psalm 18 (2) – 100 Portraits and Waterdeep – Enter the Worship Circle (13:41)]

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  1. have you ever thought of this saying?
    ” I wonder how lost people handle grief with out a church family” or “how do lost people get by through day to day stuggles without a church family to help them through” maybe you heard those or something to that effect. We had a guest preacher in the pulpit this past Sunday and he said that, and it just made me angry it made me want to stand up and say go to a funeral of somebody out side the church dare to go to their home get uncomfortable awhile and hang around some lost people. 1st they get through or many do by covering the pain through alcohol or drugs but the church doesnt have the market on friendships and caring for one another in a crises. does the Church have THE answer yes does the Church have THE hope yes, but man lost people will get through pain by holding each other up and going the extra mile that some christians wont. How blind we get sometimes when we sit in church and think people have to come to us instead of us going. “therefore GO…..” Matt. 28:16-20

    just had to vent, i read your blog from time to time and it seems we have somewhat of the same passions so I thought you might be interested.

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