report from eric & hannah in nicaragua

eric sent me an email wednesday but i didn’t see it until today. i figured i would share it with y’all because many of you know and love eric & hannah.

Tis Eric and i´m just letting you know that hannah and i are still alive and having a great time. you will be shocked when you get here because of the change in political majority of the country. today there was a sandanista rally in managua and we were driving back from boaco. on our way back to diriamba we saw hundreds of busses carrying thousands of sandanistas back to thier home towns. I don´t know if nicaragua will be better off with a liberal victory or a sandanista simply because the sandanistas may not take defeat too quietly.
Hannah and i met some teenagers from new orleans and have made friends with them. We have also gotten to know their cousin very well who happens to be the grand-niece of the presidente de nicaragua. Everyone in the youth will love her and her the same, i hope it´s ok that i invited her to come hang out with us that week but she speaks fluent english so she won´t be too much of a burden if she decides to join us.
As much fun as the old people are we can´t wait for the youth to get here.
-Eric and Hannah

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