octoberfest 3 mile

the next race i am involved in is this saturday. as part of my training for the first light half marathon in january i am trying to run at least one race each month in between now and then. for october that race is the octoberfest 3 miler. hopefully i will improve my time from my last racebaton rouge zoo run – 5k – 28:28.

the other races i am looking at are:

after the first light half marathon on january 14 i’ll consider what i am going to do from there.

[Listening to: Today (Hebrews 3 and 4) (2) – 100 Portraits and Waterdeep – Enter the Worship Circle (3:54)]

lying in the name of GOD?

pam, my lovely, intelligent, can caring wife, brought this article to my attention. it hit an interesting never considering our interim pastor announced yesterday that he would be leaving in december i thought it was appropriate.

are CHRISTians also human beings? are we permitted to talk about our lives the way other humans do? can we admit mistakes, confess uncertainty, and be honest about conflicts? is it okay not to have an airtight spiritual explanation for everything that happens?

one of the greatest causes of cynicism among CHRISTians is the way we lather GOD-talk over our lives in order to obscure realities we consider too painful to discuss directly.

JESUS greeting?

if you get the wittenberg door’s update email you have probably already seen this but i figured i would throw it out there just in case. it would appear that JESUS is now making a little money on the side by doing intros for websites. at leat that’s what i’m guessing since this youth group’s website has a greeting from JESUS. i feel a little unworthy as a youth minister since i can’t seem to get HIM to do one of these for me.

two side points: 1)apparently all those older paintings of JESUS with blue eyes were right (very odd for an ancient near eastern hebrew, but who can deny video?), 2)watch HIS eyes as you move the cursor around. remember HE is watching.