registration fixed?

okay, i think i have fixed it now. hopefully someone will try it in a second or two and i’ll know for sure. all i know is that one or more people have tried 9 times to register via the form and it has failed on those attempts. i know this because it sent me 9 error messages saying my space was full. i fixed that problem so go ahead and register.

sign up issues

i’m not sure why but for some reason the online sign-up form has decided to stop working. i know this because it has sent me 8 error messages within the last hour. i’m working on it. if you are trying to sign up just send me an email at robet.terrell at gmail . com. sorry for the inconvenience.

btw, lost was awesome!

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
total time – 28:44
pace – 9:34/mile