i haven’t said anything about the whole ted haggard thing because of a couple of reasons; 1) it just doesn’t seem right to “hit a brother when he down” (especially when haggard was doing a good enough job on his own, 2) i’m not the biggest fan of monster/mega church pastors anyway so i’m not very unbaised about one of them “falling” (i love this quote from dan kimball concerning the difference between small and large church pastors – i’d rather be the slave than the king), and 3) there are plenty of other people who have already blogged whatever opinion you want to read and have probably done a much better job than i could possibly do. so i was going to leave the whole thing be until i read the letter that he asked to be read to his former church for their services earlier today. i was very impressed because he actually “took the fall” (or at least most of it) within his letter. he blamed nobody but himself and admitted that he lied and decieved them all. obviously, i still not thrilled about the situation but i did think the letter was a pretty good start.

SIDE NOTE – c.s. lewis is the man. i started listening to mere CHRISTianity while i run. it’s been a few years since i have read it. recently i have reread more of his fiction than his non-fiction. i had forgotten how much i love his non-fiction writing style.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – american dreamz is pretty dang funny.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – i ran 12.8 miles today (twice around the 6.4 mile lakes loop. ouch my legs hurt. i was planning on running my first half-marathon december 2 at the baton rouge beach 1/2 marathon. unfortunately, that’s also the weekend my family and i were planning on going and seeing some of our friends in fort woth, texas at the beautiful feet church. the first weekend of december they set up hayrides and drive around their neighborhood passing out gifts to all the kids there. i’ve been wanting to take my kids to “the feet” for years and mike myers (the pastor of “the feet”) says this is the best weekend to do it. so we’re going. i’ll just run the first light half marathon as my first.

HAGGARD UPDATE – after watching JESUS camp i pretty much think again ted haggard is a jerk.

my run for the day
distance – 12.8 miles
total time – 1:10:00
pace – 10:09/mile

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