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thursday i was listening to paul harvey and was stunned by what i heard him say. during his normal routine of slightly funny stories and personal experience based commercials harvey read a study on whether or not people actually listen to commercials on the radio. he said the study showed that most people actually did listen to the commercials and this prompted him to say over and over again “good for you.” he then began to expound why it was good for us to listen to the commercials by saying that often the commercials that we heard were more true than the stories of the programs/news we would be listening to. he stated that if it wasn’t for commercials we wouldn’t know that there really was a bed that could help us be healthier by improving our sleep or that there was a radio that could produce sound so true to the source that you couldn’t tell the difference between it and a live concert. i kept waiting for him to laugh or something. sadly he didn’t. it’s hard to believe that at one time paul harvey was pretty controversial. at an early age pam and i taught our kids to shout at the t.v. “that’s a lie” whenever they saw a commercial that was making false claims (which is quite often).

thursday i was shouting “that’s a lie” at paul harvey.

my run for the day
distance – 4.1 miles
total time – 35:54
pace – 8:45/mile

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