thank you, information, and a rant

three things i need to say:

  • thank you – to everyone who made our fall retreat (the JESUS project) a success. thank you for your time and willingness to be a part of the weekend.
  • see you tomorrow – i just wanted to remind anyone who is reading this thing that tomorrow we will not have a normal “view” at church. instead we are doing a potluck together. i’m deep frying chicken for everyone. else join us in the student center at 6:15 p.m. and bring something for everyone to eat.
  • my rant – i’m tired of people sending me protest emails that are unfounded. i’ve received three this week (and it’s only tuesday). all three of them have been based on unfounded or at least inaccurate information. i don’t expect businesses to act like they are believers because most of them are not. i do expect businesses to be run ethically and treat people fairly but i don’t expect them to spread a gospel they don’t have as their highest priority. i figure it’s believer’s jobs to spread the gospel – not unbelievers.

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
total time – 24:35
pace – 8:12/mile

[Listening to: I Need You – Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour (3:40)]

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