the nature of firecrackers

in my constant attempt to be a good dad i took adam with me yesterday to a fireworks tent to buy some manageable explosions for us to “ring in the new year.” our plans for the evening changed somewhat when the guest that adam had coming over ended up needing to stay at his house and thus invited adam to come over to his house and spend the night. this left pam, noah, and i together for the evening. noah didn’t really want to blow up anything without adam around so we decided to lite just a few fireworks for the evening. one of the items that we wanted to fire up was a small 50 packet of black cat firecrackers. being as one of my goals for 2007 is to post at least one photo on flickr everyday that i am at my house, i thought this would be an excellent photo op. the mistake i made in my thought patterns was that i didn’t stop to ask the pack of firecrackers if they wanted their photo taken. the firecrackers responded my rude manners in the only method that firecrackers know how to respond … they exploded. i was expecting this, after all it was what i was hoping to take a picture of, but what i wasn’t expecting was for the firecrackers to work as a team to send their explosions after me.

i asked noah to go out and light the packet of firecrackers while i sat down a couple of feet away to frame my photo. i had to sit down pretty close to the firecrackers because i had a wideangle lens on my camera. noah lite the firecrackers and the first blast immediately blew other lite firecrackers towards my face. quickly i decided that i didn’t really desire a photo of exploding firecrackers and so i assumed the fetal position trying to protect myself from the miniature fireworkers display that was going on inches away from my head. i’m guessing that firecrackers hate babies or at least the fetal position because all that seemed to happen from me being in this protective position was that more firecrackers bounced towards me. once, the firecrackers stopped noah asked how i was doing (in between his rolling laughter) but the ringing in my ears kept me for a little while from hearing his questions or his laughter.

of course, i could be wrong about firecrackers wanting people to ask their permission before taking their picture. it could just be that firecrackers prefer canon cameras to nikon and they responded to my nikon camera with hatred.

my run for the day
distance – 5.20 miles
time – 51:55
pace – 9:59/mile

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