i wanted to do this before i turned 40

i'm signed up
next year (november 18th) i’ll turn 40 so if i’m going to run a marathon before i turn 40 it has to happen some time within the next 11 months. thus today i signed up for the music city marathon. it’s in april so if i fail on finishing it (because we all need to remember that i am old) then i can try again later. i owe my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (jim & jill) a big “thank you” on this because i never would have signed up to do a half marathon if it hadn’t been for them and if it wasn’t for the half marathon training i wouldn’t have become convinced that i could make it through a full marathon. jim and jill or going to nashville for the marathon also.

i haven’t finished the run that i am supposed to do for the day (i’m supposed to run 12 miles today) because it has been raining pretty hard in baton rouge today. it stopped raining for a little while early this afternoon and i started my run then. by the time i had gotten dressed and stretched out it had started lightly raining. that’s not a problem because i love running in the rain. a light sprinkle makes for a great run. of course, the light sprinkle changed into a good rain about a mile into my run. this really wasn’t a problem either and thus i just continued running. around 6:30 p.m. it was getting pretty dark and i was feeling pretty heavy from all the water that i was carrying around in my clothes. it’s when i finally got home and took my clothes off for a shower that i finally noticed that my torso was covered with red streaks. it looked as though i had an allergic reaction all over my arms and torso. the problem was that i didn’t feel like i was having an allergic reaction. i wasn’t feeling odd or itching so i was pretty confused by the whole thing until i looked down at my soaking wet clothes. that’s when i realized that i had been running in a relatively new long sleeve, red t-shirt (a.k.a. it’s been worn and washed once). the rain washed out dye from the t-shirt and it stained my body. some of it came off by means of a hot shower but my arms still look like i am in need of some benadryl. it freaked pam out when she saw it.

my run for the day (thus far)
distance – 6.8 miles
time – 1:08:16
pace – 10:02/mile

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