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you’ve already noticed this if you read my blog directly instead of through a feed aggregator but i’ve made a few small changes in the blog:

  • i’ve changed the blog theme. i like the new one better (obviously or i wouldn’t have changed it) and if you get tired of it all you have to do is click one of the boxes above to change the background.
  • i’ve combined another blog with this one – for the past three years i’ve run another blog with a different focus. it was more about ministry, rather than random thoughts, and thus i had kept it separate. it no longer makes sense to me to keep them separate and therefore i have imported all of the other blog’s entires into this blog.

i went to baton rouge laser tag with some of y’all tonight and it was a good, though tiring, night. i am convinced that GOD has some form of special punishment planned for little girls who pick just one person to follow and shoot during a game of laser tag. i’m not sure why but two middle school girls thought it was their lives’ mission to spend their entire night shooting at just me. everytime i started to get on a roll one of these girls would find me and kill me (they were so small that i couldn’t see them over any of the barriers). they would then stick with me and kill me for the rest of the game. i finally reach the point that picked one of the girls up and threw her over the rails. i then turned to the other runt and screamed “if you get within 25 feet of me i’m going to do the same to you!”

okay, maybe i only imagined that last part but i was really frustrated. the worst part was that they would just sit there and giggle while they were shooting me. argh!

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