easter welcome video

since i’ve combined my ministry blog with this (my random thoughts blog) you guys & girls from the random thoughts blog are going to have to put up with various ministry related things that i like, dislike, struggle with, or just want to remember. the above video is something i like.

it’s the welcome video from powell church in knoxville. i thought it was a different way of welcoming people to the service. i wasn’t there so i can’t say this for sure but it seems to me that if you walk into a service, the lights go out, and this pops up on the screen, i think whether you agree or disagree with the gospel story that you are probably going to at least think that something interesting is going to happen within that worship service. of course, i’ve been wrong before (allot). maybe some of my non-believing or non-church going friends could comment on that thought.

of course, i don’t have the technical know how of doing a video like this so don’t expect to see anything like it at parkview.

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  1. That is pretty freakin’ cool.
    Great idea combining the blogs, btw. I was jonesing for more Robert Terrell/Parkview youth content. One-stop shopping is just what the doctor ordered. Really cool look, too. Who’s your web guy? LOL.

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