the brain of a teen guy

i saw this illustration (to view the illustration you have to go to my blog – for some reason it is not showing up on rss aggregators such as bloglines or google reader) in an usa today article linked to by marko’s blog. the article is okay but the illustration is great.

basically the article says that teens involve themselves in risky behavior not because of a lack of knowledge (the mindset behind “let’s educate them more”) but because their brains haven’t developed to the point to put the brakes on certain dangerous situations. they can’t act like adults because they simply aren’t adults yet.

the summary of the article is found at the end:

“we’ve given them too much freedom,” he says. “we don’t monitor and supervise them carefully enough.”

now that’s a big surprise. ūüėČ it would be nice if we were okay letting kids be kids rather than trying to force them to be adults at too long of an age.
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