i’m supposed to be working at this moment but i’m burnt out on what i am writing right now so i decided to waste a little time and try out twitter. it’s basically a public timeline – a way of showing everyone else what you are doing during the day. it’s probably a waste of time that i will give up in a week but right now i figure it will be fun to record my days for awhile. you can look me up at

i love all the social networking stuff on the web but i do find it ironic within myself that i hate giving out marketing research to companies but i will gladly give it away for free on the net when it is within social networking community. if you were a company trying to sell me something all you would have to do is look at twitter, flickr,, 43things, and allconsuming and you would know what type of products i would buy. i know it’s inconsistent but that’s what keeps me a mystery. ūüėČ

speaking of being a mystery i discovered a CHRISTmas present today (4/12/2007) in the box on the outside of my study door. it was a gift card that had somehow stuck to a piece of paper that i had placed in the clear plastic folder holding box on the outside of my study door. it was a great surprise but then i felt pretty lousy for not thanking the gift giver until today (almost 5 months after the gift was given). at least i had actually given him a gift at CHRISTmas because it would have otherwise been a little too late to return the favor of the gift.
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