i’m about to go beast mode

pam and i have some great neightbors – or at least the ones we know are great because we have one neighbor that may be a vampire, but that’s a story for another time. next door ms. helen is a wonderful. she always has a kind word and is fun to talk with. across the street will and andre have always been people that we enjoy having over to our house and being at theirs.

that is until today.

this morning they began painting their house. i would be okay with them painting their house if it didn’t mean that we will now have to paint our house. miss helen painted hers two years ago and while salmon pink is not my favorite color it definitely looks freshly painted. the vampire lives on the other side of our house and since he is most probably undead his house is supposed to look the way it does (it’s a way of warning people that a vampire lives there – kind of like the bright colors on those poison arrow frogs). this left will and andre’s house to match our house. neither one of our houses are in bad shape but they are both showing the slight frays that say “i’m going to need a paint job soon.” i was depending on will and andre’s house as my excuse for not painting our house. but no they have to go and ruin everything by giving their house a fresh coat of paint.

the only options i see for solving this are:

  1. paint the house – this is not my favorite solution
  2. become vampire and join undead neighbor – i think there is probably something in the vampire code against having to lords of the night on the same street
  3. burn down will andre’s house

option three seems to be the best one so i will start making the arrangements now

SIDE NOTE – my parents have been riding my back about not blogging enough and now that i have become a blogging fool again they haven’t said a word. for shame! ūüôĀ

SIDE SIDE NOTE – it’s friday the 13th. yeah. friday the 13th’s hold a special place in my heart since noah, my youngest, was born on a friday the 13th. we probably should have named him jason because of that fact.
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4 Replies to “i’m about to go beast mode”

  1. I have been been lost in admiring the new blog format and forgot to note the increased frequency of posts. I don’t think you have begun to “run off at the mouth” yet, so keep up the good work.

  2. I’m definitely thinking Option 3 has additional repurcussions you may want to consider. I’m thinking option 1 may be your best bet – although option is the most intriguing. I do agree that 2 lords of the night probably would throw the vampire world into a tizzy though…

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