the grapevine

sometimes it is really interesting to see how “the grapevine” works. it’s interesting to see what random people hear something and what random people do not. just a side note that i thought i would type because i am pretty tired right now. i’ve spent yesterday afternoon and all of today down at new orleans baptist theological seminary for a church seminar led by harold bullock. it was a pretty decent seminar except for his brief discussion on postmodern thought. i disagreed with about 90% of what he said on the subject – but hey nobody’s asking me to do seminars so what do i know.

probably the best thing that bullock said was that people do what makes sense to them. i know that’s simple but he connected it with everything that goes on in church. i know it’s really simple but it was good.

it is a continual surprise how much is still desolate within nola.

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  1. actually arnold i would probably be on the opposite side of the spectrum on this issue. probably has to do with working with teens. all teens are postmodern. it’s the worldview they are born into. working with them pretty much skews me that way. of course, age wise you and i are in a mix of post-modernism and modernism.

    yep new orleans is still a mess, at least infra structurally.

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