here’s what i announced in church today

as some of y’all know (because you were there) today i asked the church to pray for my family and i as we work through the process of being church planters with namb and the minnesota/wisconsin baptist convention. we know a lot of people who we love who really like JESUS but are burnt out by the churches they have experienced. we want to be a part of starting a church that will be just for such people.

we want to be a part of a church…

  • that is okay with people’s struggles and mistakes because we believe in a GOD of grace.
  • whose members walk through life together (in the successes and the messiness) because we have a SAVIOR WHO walks with us.
  • where the weakest people are fought for because we have a KING WHO said that when we do so we fight for HIM.
  • where questions are welcomed because we have a LORD WHO is not afraid of our questions.
  • that is not concerned with being powerful because we have a GOD WHOSE strength works through weakness.
  • that does not believe that it must either spread the kingdom of GOD or fight for social justice because we have a MESSIAH WHOSE plan includes both.

we’ve experienced such things within many churches because we knew what we were looking for but a lot of people have been turned off by the church and don’t see our wonderful JESUS.

after this summer we are moving up to stevens point, wisconsin were pam (my cute amazing wife) will begin a tenure track position as an assistant professor of speech language communication at the university of wisconsin – stevens point and we will work as hard as we can to be a part of GOD’s plan for a thriving community of believers.

now you may be asking yourself how are we going to do this? we’ve got the same question. we have no idea. i’ve never been a part of starting a church before and neither has pam. we’re clueless but we’re sure that it’s a part of GOD’s will. so we’ll depend upon HIM, learn everything we can, mess up a lot, and keep plodding along to accomplish HIS will.

i’ll tell you a whole lot more about this as we go along. for now the next step is for us to go to a week of assessment and training in may. we would appreciate all of your prayers and opinions (we’re open to anyone’s advice) as we start down this journey.

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  1. Very cool! SOunds like a church I would like to be a part of. This is what you were made to do and I am sure that you will have great success in this endeavor. Let Jill and I know if there is anything we can do to help.

  2. As long as you continue to follow God’s will and plan for your lives, HE will take care of the rest. Just continue your obedience and you will be amazed at how HE plans to work through the two of you. You are definitely in our prayers!!

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