it works

just a few minutes ago i used some cilantro from the salsa garden. nothing else is ready to be harvested yet and won’t be for 50 days (the cilantro can be harvest every other week or so). the cilantro works pretty well and it was really cool to simply walk outside cut some off, wash it, and throw it in the blender.

SIDE NOTE – i think all the one square sheryl crow stuff is pretty funny. sharon (don’t go to her blog because she never updates it) said that the whole thing is meant to be a joke and she should know since her hubby, david (a swell guy), is driving one of the biodisels for the tour (from what i understand the biodisel is actually clogging the fuel filters – which stinks because i’m all for fuel that smells like french fries). the whole suggestion is stupid enough that it has to be a joke and thus i’m taking it as such. score 1 for sheryl crow. now i probably wouldn’t give her the benefit of the doubt on her and laurie david’s argument with karl rove since according to their own blog says that they walked over and started the policy discussion. i’m not the greatest fan of rove but i’m usually blaming the one who initiates the conversation rather than the one who responds. of course, if you’re going to be in politics you should have pretty tough skin and be able to handle people being rude. so i guess i’ll call that one a tie. score 1 1/2 for sheryl crow and 1/2 for whoever is against her (rove, big toilet paper, etc.).

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  1. david & I were laughing the other day about the one square. when sheryl was joking around about that, her guitar player said that he wanted to figure out a way to eat “gassy” food & power his amp. now, I hope, that it is obvious to everyone that it was joke!!

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