we might have a new member of our family – we’ll know in a week. one of our neighbors had a stray basset start hanging out at their house about 5 days ago. they advertised the found dog, searched the papers, and drove around with the dog looking for an owner or lost dog sign. unfortunately, the little guy was extremely thin and had a collar but no tags (a typical sign of a dog that has been dropped off). they weren’t sure what to do with the little guy. when we heard about him we quickly decided we would take him in and have him checked for a microchip at our vet. i took him into our vet today and had him checked out. turns out the little guy has heart worms and intestinal worms. our vet agrees that he has probably been dropped off. so the plan for this cute little basset right now is to advertise in the local paper for one week that he has been found. if we still don’t find an owner after we advertise then we’ll probably adopted the little guy. he is a great little guy who is pretty shy. we’re calling him roux.

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