max tivoli

i just finished “the confessions of max tivoli“. it was pretty good overall – not great but good. the best part of the book was actually the concept behind it. max tivoli was born looking like he was 70 years old. he physical appearance changes the opposite of his actual age. thus when he is 15 years old he actually looks like a 55 year old man and when he is 45 years old he looks like a 25 year old. the book is about all the problems that would occur from a person being a mental age that does not reflect what everyone who sees him expects of him. the golden rule that his mother sets up for him is that he should always act the age that people believe he is. imagine the trouble of a 15 year old having to work like a 55 year old man.

the book was an excellent study of an individual who just doesn’t “fit in.”
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