this is what i was created for

i cut the cheese

you may not know this but i cut the cheese better than anybody else in my immediate family. it’s true. it comes naturally to me because my father was also an excellent cutter of the cheese. i don’t really know my biological grandfather so i can’t really say if he cut the cheese well or not but i do know that my step-grandfather (who was my real grandfather) was one of the best cheese cutters i have ever heard of (this of course lends more credence to nurture versus nature). so i come from a long line of excellent cheese cutters and because of this lineage i was able to make my youngest son proud in his class today.

you see today was noah’s oral report on the state of wisconsin. he has been working on the written version of this report for three weeks or so. pam and i knew that the oral report was coming soon so while we were in wisconsin last week we bought noah a wheel of cheese to pass out during his report. i brought it to class today and it was one of the best moments of my life. first, because i was able to use the talent that my family has passed down to me, and secondly because when noah’s teacher said to me “and mr. terrell what are you here to do?” i was able to answer “well, i am here to cut the cheese!”

it doesn’t get much better than saying that line in a room full of 4th graders. today my cheese wheel and i were the elementary school equivalents of george carlin.

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