spidey 3

the fam and i just got back from watching spiderman 3. i’m not real sure of my overall impression of the movie yet. i’ll probably figure that out in a few days when i know if i would actually like the watch the movie again or not. so these are just my initial thoughts:

  • spidey 3 was quite good – not as good as the second one but it was still a good movie.
  • it’s nice to see the spidey franchise do better than the batman franchise did with it’s initial movies (i exclude batman begins from this characterization because it was, in my opinion, a very good movie).
  • i didn’t like stan lee’s appearance in spidey 3 as much as i did the others – it was too obvious. it’s better to sneak him in.
  • i really enjoyed the first 1/3 of the movie, was a little bored by the middle third, and then won back over by the final part of the movie. the first third was the best part in my opinion.
  • i’m not sure how i feel about a fourth spiderman movie. i kind of hope they stop while they are ahead – of course, they won’t though.
  • i do not enjoy watching movies in full theaters unless the theater is filled with fanatics. fanatics understand how to respond to the movie without missing anything (star wars and lotr fans are a good example of this). the theater we were in was filled with people who wanted to talk about their day and let their kids run around the theater during the movie.
  • the popcorn at the rave 16 cinaplex barely had any salt on it – this almost ruined the whole experience for me.

no matter what i think about spiderman 3 it is still head and shoulders above rambo 3 which is on superstation wgn as i type this. i liked sylvester stallone in the original rockie because it was semi original but all the sequels pretty much killed my opinion of him.

a crisis that will sting us in the end

there is a honey bee crisis developing within america. for some unknown reason or reasons millions of honey bees are randomly dying across america. this is actually no laughing matter because honey bees provide almost 90% of all insect pollination and approximately 90 different foods that we eat (mostly fruits and nuts) depend upon insect pollination. in the past few months u.s. beekeepers have lost about 25% of their colonies due to what is now being called colony collapse disorder. this is five times their normal winter loss.

pam and i have always wanted to raise honey bees. maybe this means that we should start when we move up to wisconsin. if this happens i expect everyone of you to thank GOD for me when you eat your meals. ūüėČ

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