lost finale?


anyone interested in coming over to our house for the season finale of “lost“? we would love to have anyone over who would be interested in watching the show (i.e. actually focusing on the show when it is on and limiting your talking to commercials). the show starts at 8 p.m. and lasts till 10 p.m. the price of admission is an item of food – bring enough for everyone and together we will all be well fed. please realize that some of us (a.k.a. debbie, pam, and i) take “lost” very seriously and therefore will not tolerate disruptions. remember debbie was a marine and therefore i am sure she could kill you with only a couple of fingers.

austins, if y’all can make it we would love for y’all to be here.

SIDE NOTE – i can’t wait for “evan almighty” to hit the theaters. i was thrilled by the ark almighty kit i received a couple of weeks ago. i’m not the biggest fan of movies marketing to churches – actually that’s not correct. really i’m not the biggest fan of churches marketing for movies. i figure that’s not really the church’s job. i’ve received marketing kits from quite a few movies. these kits are usually pretty funny. the one i got the biggest chuckle out of was the one for “rocky balboa.” besides an interview with slyvester stalone saying that if we wanted more movies made like “rocky balboa” then we needed encourage our church members to go see the movie (since i didn’t really like the movie i am hoping that the reverse is also true) i also received one boxing glove (just one).

with the above said i need to say two things about the “evan almighty/ark almighty” kit:

  1. i recognize the kit for what it is – marketing.
  2. if you have to market i can’t think of a way that i appreciate more than a campaign to encourage acts of kindness. “evan almighty” has setup the “ark almighty” website as a tool for connecting churches with they neighborhoods. people can register their needs on the site and then churches can act on them. i think it is much more inline with what marketing should be within the church. of course, youth specialties is connected with “ark almighty” so it’s not real surprising that it would be a good thing.

btw, youth specialties – the kit was awesome. i still don’t plan on hanging up the banner in our church but i will be giving everything away to kids within the student ministry and trying to connect with people in our community through the ark almighty website.

my run for the day
distance – 2.0 miles
time – 21:28
pace – 10:44/mile

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