two weeks without a word

i haven’t blogged in two weeks and my wife has been reminding me that my parents need me to post. it’s an odd feeling having an audience of two but the good news is that they are very loyal readers. so in order to keep them loyal i am posting now.

the reason that i haven’t posted in two weeks is really good. it’s a two fold reason, 1) i was on a mission trip for eight of the days. the youth ministry was repairing houses in vicksburg, mississippi. it was a great week but i couldn’t post anything because i didn’t have any internet access. 2) i’ve had a summer cold since getting back from mississippi. i hate summer colds. there are simply not fun. i’ve felt pretty miserable all week. i think i’m finally pretty close to over it.

the only two things that have really happened within the past two weeks are 1) lots of showings of the house, and 2) some good financial news. the showings are in an attempt to sell our house so we can buy one up in stevens point. we’ve averaged about one and a half showings per day. supposedly this isn’t bad – in fact it’s pretty good. we’ve been on the market 16 days and we’ve had 22 showings. now we have to get an offer and ell our house.

the financial good news is from parkview. when we leave baton rouge we knew that it would involve us going without an income for eight weeks. because of this we saved up all of our vacation time so that we would each have 4 weeks of vacation and thus cut the eight weeks down to four weeks. we figured we would just live the remaining four weeks off of our savings, credit, and capital in our house. this all changed this week when the parkview personnel committee met. they decided that they wanted to pay me for eight weeks vacation instead of four. this means that we’ll be losing a little with pam’s income (right now my salary is the main source of income where as in stevens point pam’s salary will be the main source). it was a very nice surprise that took away the stress of trying to move a family of four and live for a month without any income. thank you parkview.

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