father’s day bragging

on father’s day i bragged about my dad (and mom) for a second or two. today i would like to brag about my wife and kids. they are wonderfully challenging and cool in general but what i desire to brag about right now is how they made my father’s day great. since we were still getting the house ready to go on the market pam and the boys had been joking that this past sunday would be the least restful father’s day ever. the plan was that i would arrived back from church, eat a father’s day lunch, and then get back to work on the house until we had a college bible study at our house at 7 p.m. once the college kids left pam and i would start work on the house again. it was going to be a busy day. allot of stuff needed to be done around the house and i was just the guy to do it.

well i didn’t get to skip the house work but my wife and kids did make my lunch great. when i started to walk in from finishing our second church service i was stopped at the door by my kids with a present. they told me that i wasn’t allowed to enter the house until i had opened the present. i opened it and was greeted by some cool shorts and a pullover that my oldest son said would make me look almost as good as he does (high praise from a 13 year old). along with the clothes was a poem which said something like:

he stood up against the church
but was smashed by blaine (a reference to a kid in the youth who smashed my last francis statue – though the kids didn’t realize that it wasn’t actually blaine who killed frank)
you’ll find him in the garden
where your dogs have lane

i was then allowed to walk to our backyard porch where i was met with a wonderful st. frank statue (i am enamored with francis of assisi) and a poem underneath his 25 lbs. self. i don’t remember what it exactly said so i’ll have to repost it later but basically it was a hint combining a quilt (a blanket made of lots of different scraps) and the name of our future church “tapestry” (a community made of lots of different people). i walked to the bedroom to find a pencil cup that had been made for me with the name faux-logo of the church and tons of alantis pens and accent liquid highlighters (these pens and highlighters are the best in the world and everyone should go out and buy some). there was also another poem (that i will have to post later when i get home). the point of this poem pointed to our freezer where i had my very own pack of klondike bars. the fam even went so far as to make sure these were hersey and almond klondike bars because i am the only one in the family that likes almonds (there’s no way i can share even if i wanted to).

the day got even better when pam announced that the chocolate chip pound cake she was making for my father’s day lunch wouldn’t be ready till that afternoon so she was pushing my father’s day meal (fried chicken covered in broccoli and cheese with wildrice – a personal favorite) to dinner and she would bring home general tso’s chicken for lunch (another personal favorite). TWO FAVORITE MEALS IN ONE DAY.

even with all the work around the house it was an amazing day.

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  1. We have our tapestry from the Parkview youth hangin up in our hall.

    BTW, That was just wrong to mention klondike, I had forgotten them altogether.

  2. Guess you get it from your mother, she just bought a St Francis statue for our back yard.

    P.S. Happy Father’s Day

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