my continued flight problems

as many of you know all the major airlines hate pam and i. it is definitely a conspiracy because every time either of us fly something happens. well last night, six hours before i was to leave with our youth for nicragua, delta called and left a voicemail on the church emergency number that our flight for today had been canceled and we would be flying out sunday instead. great. i tried everything i could but i was unable to arrange anything and therefore our trip to nicaragua to work with our friends has been made one day shorter. hopefully this will be the only trouble we have flying. southwest arilines is now officially the only airlines i have flown with that i don’t despise.

SIDE NOTE – my wife hates me. well maybe hate is a little strong. as many of you know i love photography and i take pictures as often as possible. they’re not as great as many of your photos but they still keep me busy. i post these photos on flickr and i place a creative commons license on them so that they can be used by anyone who is not making a profit. well today i received the following flickr comment on a photo of pam.

A very nice photo!

A was happy to find a good photo of a facial mask. Didnt (sic) find that many with a creative commons licens (sic) here at Flickr.

I used it in an article about facial masks: Gör en egen ansiktsmask av frukt.

Its in swedish. “Ansiktsmask” being swedish for facial mask. Frukt = fruits.

Big thanks for using creative commons. Good luck with your photo!


oh yes this is exactly what every woman wants … a picture of her in a facial mask place on an article. i am dead meat.

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