back in town

i’m back in town after a week in nicaragua and other than being tired things are great. we have a contract on our baton rouge house and will close on it august 17th. meanwhile in wisconsin we will close on 3311 arbor vitae (latin for “tree of life”) on august 20th at which time we will finally have a dwelling in wisconsin.

i was reading an old friend’s blog tonight and i was struck by one statement. the statement was:

i don’t know about you, but the older i get, the more i desire to see the power of GOD expressed in my life and through my life.

what struck me by the statement is how untrue it probably most of the time. i’m not talking about my old friend’s life, i’m sure it is true for him. i mean for myself. sure i can say the statement it’s really following through on it that possesses the problem. the reason for this is that in scripture “the power of GOD being expressed” in someone’s life usually ends up being disruptive to the way those peoples’ lives were going. just look at abraham, gideon, peter, paul, or any combination of other individuals from the bible. when GOD expresses HIMself within one of HIS follower’s lives HE changes everything … people are moved, people sacrifice way too much, they attempt the impossible, they confuse all those around them, and much more. GOD expressing HIMself is not an experience that requires nothing from the one who sees it. instead it requires a response and that response often calls for dramatic changes. i’m not sure that i can always say that i desire to see that happen within my life. i can say though that i desire to desire it.

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