the simpsons movie

we saw the simpsons movie this afternoon and i was a bit disappointed. it was an okay movie but i was expecting so much more.

my last day at church is august 12th and therefore i will need movie my blog over to another site in ten days or so. i should take care of this in a few days. i think i am going to use godaddy. they have a couple of packages that i am interested in.

i hate moving. i hate the whole moving process – saying goodbye to friends, selling a house, buying a house, moving our stuff, etc. i’m ready for it all to be over. our house in baton rouge should clear once we get the results back from the inspection (tomorrow or so), correct anything major that it finds and then close on the house. we are really about fed up with that process. i have to wonder about selling a house and the blogging world. we and our realtor think that our buyers have a little too much inside information. this could be through the church or also possibly through my blog. it’s a brave new world.

i’ve recently be blown away by how revolutionary early CHRISTianity was and how mundane modern western CHRISTianity can be (though there are pockets of the revolution that can be found). yes i do catch the irony of saying this in the same post that i talk about buying and selling a house.

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