almost done

good news – the inspection came in on our house and there were only minor things in it.
great news – our buyers already knew about the items that were brought up in the inspection report and therefore they are not asking for us to do anything to fix them. this means we don’t have to fix several small things that would just be time stealers. HEY!

the inspection on our house in wisconsin is tomorrow. hopefully all will go well with it tomorrow. if it does the game plan is that after going and spending some time with my parents we will pack for two days, sell our baton rouge house on the 17th, sleep somewhere in baton rouge for the night, travel up to stevens point/plover, close on our new home in plover on the 20th and start moving in.

i’ll probably move my blog this weekend. i think the new domain will be

clint barron is a freak. he has bragged about johnny’s pizza for six years. earlier this week clint asked if i would be willing to drive two hours to eat some pizza and then drive back. so friday clint and i are going to travel a total of 5 hours (2 hours there, 1 hour to eat, and 2 hours back) so that i can taste this pizza. of course, no matter how good the pizza is i’m going to say that it’s not that great.

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