notice the ice unibrow
today was the 2007 frostbite race. it’s a 5 & 10 mile race through the wintry streets of stevens point. i haven’t run over three milers since injuring my calf. therefore, i thought this was as good of a way to begin training for a marathon again as any. of course, when i signed up i didn’t know the race would take place during the first winter storm of the season. the guys and girls running the 10 mile race had ice beards by the time they got back in. it was immensely cool (or cold depending upon how you think of it).

my run for the day

    distance – 5 miles
    time – 58:11
    pace – 11:39/mile

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  1. THat is pretty crazy! Jill and I ran a 5k today (I ran 25:48) and it was 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Worse even I have ever run though. Thye didnt even have the roads blocked off so you had to dodge cars.

  2. you’ve got to be kidding. i’ve never run in a race where they didn’t at least have police control cars crossing. i’m afraid i would get hit if there wasn’t somewhere there blocking traffic.

  3. LOVE IT!!! Congrats on the run – very impressive!! I am so proud of you – although I find it quite crazy to run in that weather! Your training program will be so much harder than ours with you dealing with the elements!! But – the frost unibrow is definitely a good look for you 🙂

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