white CHRISTmas

i dare you
yes the terrell family had it’s norman rockwell day today. last night it snowed 10″. since we haven’t been around snow in seven years the dogs, the kids, and pam and i went outside and had a snow ball fight. it was a blast. i think some of the most fun was watching the basset hounds go from hating the snow to loving the snow in a matter of 15 minutes. after an afternoon of playing in the snow we drove about 20 minutes to a CHRISTmas tree farm in the area. the farm was a “cut your own” farm that had a guy in a santa costume, hot chocolate, a hayride, lots of CHRISTmas music and the view of the farm was from the other side of a frozen lake – very cool. since we have a valuted ceiling in our living room we were able to get the largest CHRISTmas tree that pam and i have ever had. it’s at least 10′ tall. the tree is huge. an added benefit was that every tree over 5′ at this farm is only $25. woohoo.
my snow bunnyplowing through

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  1. I am enjoying hearing about your new family adventures in a new exciting place. Sounds like a wonderful, special day that you all will remember for a lifetime. And by the way – just tell the boys “Don’t do it!” ! Tongue on frozen pole is never a good thing! 🙂

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