have you ever wondered what an icicle falling through your window sounds like? well it apparently sounds exactly like a cat pushing a one liter glass jar half full of lose change off a 5′ tall chest of drawers at 5 a.m. while you are asleep.

actually, i have no idea what an icicle falling through your window sounds like but i know exactly what the cat pushing the jar of change off the 5′ tall chest at 5 a.m. sounds like and i know that when we were jarred (no pun intended) awake by that sound pam and i both thought that an icicle had just busted through one of our windows.

i hate cats.

my run for the day

    distance – 3.0 miles
    time – 28:04
    pace – 9:22/mile
    weather – 10°/snow

3 Replies to “icicle?”

  1. you and your dad make me laugh!!!! unless you have an angry neighbor or a sky light, how would an icicle fall through your window? unless it is really windy in wisconsin!!

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