7 Replies to “chicago churches?”

  1. you can always go to Willow Creek . . . . . could be interesting, at least you could say that you went to the 2nd largest church in the US . . . . .

  2. @spencer – i had completely forgotten that willow creek was even near chicago. still to be honest willow creek would probably be my last choice for a visit. nothing against it. it’s just that i don’t think i would relate well with it.

    @sharon – there’s a parkview in chicago?

  3. i rode the train once from indy to chicago. i never used the bathroom because i was afraid i would fall if i got up and tried to walk!!

  4. I rode the train in China from Xián to Bejing… The toilet was an actual hole in the floor where you could see the tracks underneath and feel the wind blowing… 26 hours, that trip….whew

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