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i’m back from my weekend in chicago. it was a good weekend on a whole. i enjoyed spending time with the pierces and seeing matt’s show. other than that i pretty much just spent the weekend traveling back and forth on the “L“. the “blue line” was under reconstruction and that slowed everything down.

the surprise when i got home was that noah had been able to get his wii. my youngest son started saving up awhile back to buy a wii. a few weeks ago he finally had enough money but since the wii is now the “must have” CHRISTmas gift it was impossible for us to find a wii that noah could buy with his own money. i don’t really go for the whole driving around and stalking the “must have” CHRISTmas gift thing. I kind of think the whole thing is absurd. the difference here was that noah had been saving money for 6 months to get this thing. my boy had done his work and pam and i wanted to help him get it. while i was gone one of our neighbors who was in a similar situation called pam and said target had some wii’s come in. pam and noah rushed over to target and the child was rewards for his saving. it’s been a ton of fun. i can’t wait to take it to alabama with us and get the rest of the family to play.

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