curling report & how not to plant a church

i curled tonight and once again we won. our record is 6 – 1. woohoo!

i wasn’t the greatest church planter today at walmart. i was trying to find a parking spot when these too “thugish” guys came walking down the middle of the lane. i drove up the lane a little bit and they kept walking up the middle of the lane. they walked right in the middle of the lane all the way of to my car. i have to tell you that i absolutely hate it when someone acts in such away that everyone else must accommodate them. it drives me crazy. so i said out loud in my car, “get off of the road”, where they could see it. that’s when they flipped me off.

i’ve always thought the appropriate response to someone shooting the bird at you was the blow a kiss at them. in my experience it just ticks people off. so i blew a kiss at the guys.

i was right it ticked the guys off.

one of them hit my car with his hand. i’m not real cool with that. i stopped my car, rolled down my window, and shouted “you better not have hurt my car” (which is pretty funny because my car is 1998 626 with 160,000 miles on it – there’s not much you could do to hurt it). his response was “pedestrians have the right of way ***hole.” i shouted back, “not when you walk down the middle of the road but i am impressed that you know a 4 syllable word.”

i guess that caught them off guard because they paused shouted “merry ******* CHRISTmas” and left.

probably not the best way to win friends and influence people but it drives me crazy when people acts like the whole world revolves around them.

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  1. Don’t you hate it when you get exposed like that. It usually happens to me right about the time I start thinking about how good I’m doing in the Christian walk. But for His grace there’s no telling how bad we’d be, even at our best.

    Oh, and kisses are the worst. Seriously. Nobody likes those disingenuine kisses. Even Jesus must have felt something not so good inside when Judas Iscariot came walking up to him with his lips all puckered up.

  2. something about walmart makes ppl think that they can walk right down the middle of the lanes. i think it’s the huge crosswalks going into the doors that makes ppl think they can walk anywhere thru the parking lot without any thought to others. of course walmart wants you to not think much while shopping….so they’re not gonna help you out with this one. the other thing that ticks me off is that in the south, there’s a lot of churched ppl that go to walmart and they just as bad as the unchurched! mindless ninnies!

  3. Oh, I like that (not), “in the south” like yankees aren’t mindless ninnies. The only yankees with common sense are the snowbirds who spend the winter in Gulf Shores or Florida.

  4. If I could just quit picturing myself in your place I would be such a better Christian than you. 🙂

    Thanks for being transparent.

  5. @H (sorry i don’t know who you are because i have many “H’s” in my life: i have to agree with my dad on this one (though it pains me to do so). i was the only one there that i knew was a believer (they may have been but i didn’t stop to ask them) and i was the one that went for the intellectual cut. since this was in wisconsin, about as far from the south as you can get in the states, i was the one that didn’t act very CHRISTlike.

    @j.t. (blessed be your name): please tell me that you are going to use this as a bad example because there is no way those guys are ever coming to tapestry.

  6. You were just contextualizing! When with the thugs…. 🙂

    Also, if this is the worst mistake you’ve made yet…your fine buddy…next time you ACTUALLY feel bad…I’ll tell you some of my whoppers…

  7. i’m super impressed that you knew “pedestrian” was a 4 syllable word off the top of your head (even though you don’t know how to spell it). i would’ve had to stop and count before my retort, which of course would’ve sounded really lame.

  8. i glad you pinted that out kevin because i was thrilled that i got the syllables right also. i had to count afterword to make sure that i was right. as for the misspelled word, i have no idea what you are talking about.

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