driving straight

there was a time in my life when i could drive straight through the night on a 17 hour journey without any effect upon myself. that time has passed me by.

last night the fam and i drove straight through the night from plover, wisconsin to saraland, alabama. it was 17 hours and therefore quite long. lots of sunflower seeds and audiobooks are the only way i am able to stay awake. the good side is that we are now at my parents house and we have the day to rest before heading over to baton rouge for pam’s graduation. we’ll spend a few days over in baton rouge seeing friends and then head back to saraland/mobile/daphne, alabama for CHRISTmas.

ah, the fun of holiday travel. one of the things that made last night’s journey more bearable was an audio book that i downloaded off itunes. it’s john krakauer’sunder heaven’s banner.” i really like krakauer’s writing style and i have enjoyed the audiobook thus far. it’s basically a detailing of a vicious double muder in utah and how mormon plural marriage lead to it. i have disagreed with a few of his assumptions of concerning faith. krakauer has made several statements to the fact that he apparently believe that faith is the suspension of reason. i would strongly disagree with this. while, i would never say that reason can prove faith, because faith always implies trust and trust implies a lack of visible finitude, i do believe with anslem in a mindset of “faith seeking understanding.” this does not imply a suspension of reason but admits that ultimately we come down to a “leap of faith” or an “act of trust.” still krakauer’s book is very entertaining though not very positive of any of the over 200 branches of the lds faith.

unfortunately i’m almost through with krakauer’s audio book (1/5 left to listen to). the positive side is that after i finish “under the banner of heaven” i have an abridged version of stephen colbert’si am america (and so can you).” pam and i can’t wait to listen to that. i just wish it was unabridged.

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