i'm a ninja! (or soon will be)

i’m very excited. i just bought myself a CHRISTmas present. i just purchased a few tiny tv remotes (which sounds cooler but is $10 more under it’s other name “ninja remote“). it’s a cool little universal television remote that i can use to take control of any tv at a restaurant, waiting room, or (most fun of all) my father-in-law’s house. last year i used my then functioning pocket pc to “possess” my father-in-law’s “pride and joy” television. last CHRISTmas jim (my brother-in-law), jill (his wife), my dad, and i spent 15 minutes entertaining ourselves by randomly switching channels, turning the volume up & down, and turning off my father-n-law’s t.v., while he freaked out about how he was going to have to return the thing for service because it definitely wasn’t supposed to be acting like that. pam completely freaked out about the whole situation but the rest of us had a blast.

since, i bought three of these things, if my brother and brother-in-law are nice i might just send them one each.

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  1. I used to run around the barracks in Hawaii at 2am with a universal remote and turn peoples tvs on at full blast on mtv!!!

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