i guess i’m supposed to post the perfunctory “happy new year” post. of course, it’s a good bit easier to do this as i sit in the “man cave” in my home using the new “pieces parts” computer that my dad and CHRISTmas money provided (the 22″ widescreen monitor is a huge step up from the 15″ crt’s i’ve been using). so here’ it is.

i hope the very best for all of you for 2008. i believe that very best comes from being in a growing and challenging relationship with JESUS CHRIST so ultimately that’s what i wish for each of you, but if that does not turn out to be your thing i still wish the very best for you in all that you do and hope for in the year.

here’s what i’m hoping for in 2008:

  • to start a church that follows JESUS CHRIST as best as it can
  • to take my wife out on more dates than i did in 2007 – this probably won’t be that hard because the 2007 standard wasn’t the best i’ve ever set.
  • to take my boys fishing every other week during the season – i’m not sure they or i could handle ice fishing every other week.
  • to do a better job of staying in touch with my friends – specifically with hand written letters.
  • to read 26 books the audio book s i listen to when i run don’t count because that’s “listening” not “reading).
  • to drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • to post enough photos on flickr to keep my mom and dad happy (i’m not sure this is possible).
  • to finish at least one marathon.
  • to start work on a doctoral degree.
  • to finish painting the inside of my house
  • to rememorize psalm 22
  • i guess that’s it for now.

    SIDE NOTE – if you have a few moments for prayer our friends the lees could use prayer for their son, isaac. CHRISTmas day they had to call an ambulance for their son, who was laboring to breath and spitting up a mixture of milk and blood. it turns out that isaac has a disease going on in his lungs and right now the lees are all in the hospital pumping isaac full of antiboitics and waiting for the doctors to figure out if the disease is viral or bacterial. the good news is that isaac has been getting a little better each day and should be out of picu by now. please for isaac and his parents, kevin & julie.

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    1. I am ALL about your second resolution. In fact, I’ll be more than happy to help you keep it. That’s just the kind of supportive wife I am.

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