living room, dining room, & foyer

for those of you who are worried about such things (a.k.a. my parents) pam and i have finished painting our living room, dining room, and foyer. most of the furniture has been putting back into place and the rest will be put back tomorrow. we’ll also hang our photos, prints, tapestry, and painting tomorrow. i’m pretty excited about hanging the photos because i had 6 of my lubitel and holga photos printed and framed for our largest wall. i’ll try to take some photos tomorrow and post them. of course, i can’t promise to do this because the family is going sledding tomorrow at iverson park.

that’s right we have s sledding park in stevens point. its awesome. if you’ve ever seen the sledding scene in “CHRISTmas vacation” then you have a decent idea of what this park looks like. you go down a large hill and then have 150′ of heavily packed snow/ice to slide across. you keep going until you hit the snow berm at the other end of the park. oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

SIDE NOTE – high definition broadcasts of football games are amazing.