1 corinthians 11:17-34

the second message in the “robert terrell winter preaching tour” happens this coming sunday at fellowship baptist church in waupaca. this is our sponsoring church (i.e. the entity that makes it possible for us to be tax-deductible and get insurance) and therefore it would be nice to do a good job. it’s not like i ever really want to bomb in front of a group. after all this is GOD’s word that is being dealt with and therefore it should be life changing anytime we dig into it. still on a personal side i would like to do a really good job when it comes to the church that is sponsoring tapestry (i would hate to leave with them thinking “what type of reject have we sponsored?). since, i desire to do i good job i’ve turned to my second best resource … you (obviously the first is the HOLY SPIRIT and we’ve talked already and continue to).

if any of you are interested in reading the passage that i will be dealing with and then sending me any thoughts you have i will gladly steal all the credit from your great input. 🙂 actually, as i have said before i have always tried to bounce passages and ideas off a group of people i trust. sometimes theirideas are amazing and sometimes just the act of asking someone questions helps me out a ton. i have pam and she is one of the best exegetes i have ever been around but i’m also hoping to expand the group a little. so if anybody is interested the passage is 1 corinthians 11:17-34.i would love to steal … i mean use your thoughts.

a couple of you did this last time and i was very thankful for your thoughts.

the shack

one of my weaknesses is that i typically will refuse to look into something that is getting a ton of hype. for example, i will often refuse to read a modern book when i hear every body and their moma talking about how that book is the greatest book around and should be read by everyone. i know it’s a stupid reason not read something that might actually be good but it’s a weakness of mine. i recognize it and i’m working on it.

of course, i’m still working on it and therefore i have ignored the book “the shack.” apparently it is all the rage within CHRISTian circles now. according to one friend (hi drew) it has even been called the “pilgrim’s progress” of our time (of course, drew feels similar to i on this and he made the great observation that john bunyan didn’t have a marketing machine behind “pilgrim’s progress” while “the shack” has a full court press of marketing telling us how life changing it is). it’s really pretty sad because several people that i know, love, and respect have highly recommended the book to me. one of my friends, who i think the world of, even went so far as to give me a copy of it.

still i’m shallow enough to let me desire to buck the system keep me from reading the book. i have at least put the book in my pile of books that i have committed to be read in the near future. it’s probably about eighth on that list right now.

has anyone else read this book?