the spears are right

i would never have thought that i would find myself in agreement with a member of the spears family but i have to say that they are right in saying that dr. phil screwed up. every counselor has it pounded into his/her head that you have to err on the side of confidence. be it pastoral counseling or clinical counseling, you are taught that you go above and beyond the extra mile when it comes to protecting trust and confidentiality. there are very few reasons for breaking that confidentially and i’ve never seen “gaining a higher nielson raiting” on that list of reasons.

though i don’t watch his show i have usually been somewhat impressed when i’ve seen dr. phil show up on some other show that i was actually watching. i kind of expected more from him.

ice fishing

he ain't much but he was first
yesterday was a banner day in regards to turning this southern boy into a snow bird. i spent around 10 hours on random sheets of ice all around stevens point. bright & early tuesday morning andy lickel the intervarsity campus minister at uwsp introduced me to the wonderful world of ice fishing. it was awesome. i had been thinking that there was no way that i would ever enjoy ice fishing and i was prepared to wait until the rivers thawed to begin my wisconsin fishing experience. thankfully though andy convinced me to try it and i loved it. i ended up buying some basic equipment and going back on the ice yesterday afternoon. i’ll also probably go back out tomorrow and/or friday morning or afternoon.

the only freaky thing about the fishing was the “mud puppy” that i caught. a “mud puppy” is a large aquatic salamander. the one i caught was somewhere between 15″ and 18″ long and probably weighted around a pound to a poun and a half. it truly freaked me out when i pulled it out of the hole. i didn’t know if the thing was safe or not. thankfully i didn’t scream like a girl because i doubt that would go over very well with the kind of guys who ice fish.

you can see a photo of the “mud puppy” here.

after the two ice fishing experiences i had a curling match and once again we won. our team record now is 7 -1. not bad for a white boy from alabama. of course, i am but far the worst player on our team.

if any of you have a spare moment for prayer i could really use it for tapestry. i have begun the process of specifically asking people to be a part of a core group. both they and i could really use GOD’s direction in knowing who should be involved in this thing.