super tuesday

tomorrow will hopefully settle some politics for me. i’m politically independent. i know that my progressive friends think i am a fundamentalist and my conservative friends think i am a liberal. i’m okay with that because within the faith community my calvinist friends think i am armenian and my armenian friends think i am a calvinist. i am a man of mystery. “grin”

actually the issues that i am concerned about are broader than the partisan talking points of each of the political parties. in the past i have voted for republicans and i have voted for democrats. my problem right now is that there is a candidate on both sides (obama & mccain) that i could vote for and there is a candidate on both sides that i simply don’t trust and therefore wouldn’t vote for (clinton & romney). so today either makes my choice easy (one candidate i like & one i don’t), difficult (two candidates i like), or impossible (two candidates that i throughly don’t like). i’m hoping for “difficult.”

SIDE NOTE – i can not believe that hillary teared up again. don’t people see through this crap. i so hope barak kicks her butt.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i wish to express condolences to my friend debbie at the lose she suffered last night. i know the fact that another new york team stole another boston team’s chance at making history has to be hard for her and the other bostonians. i would say i was sorry that the giants won but i can’t.