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the first methodist church of madison has been given a choice – free parking or helping the homeless. here’s an article on the situation. fred mohs, a lawyer and owner of a parking ramp in madison, wisconsin, has given first methodist free parking on his parking ramp for 18 years. this changed recently when mohs decided that the fact that the church operates as an overflow homeless shelter when it is cold is destructive to the wisconsin avenue area of madison. he gave the choice of continuing to have free parking as long as they no longer run the shelter. thankfully the church chose to give up the free parking. mohs has said that the church can regain the free parking whenever it gets rid of the overflow homeless shelter.

while i disagree with mr. mohs i am a firm believer that he has the right to say that first methodist can only use his parking lot if they agree with what he wants. i think what he is doing is stupid but i do think that he has the right to do it. other than governmental situations we should never have to financially support actions that we idealogically disagree with (i’m not even completely sure of governmental demands). of course, this cuts both ways. i don’t think that anyone who values what first methodist is doing should ever consider using the services of or supporting financially what mr. mohs is doing. i don’t plan on using associated with fred mohs.

if you want to email support to the church you can email pastor keith schroerlucke here.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
time – 1:14:18
pace – 10:37/mile
weather – 45º/sunny

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