something is wrong

bowling for baton rouge

yes i know the above statement is in all caps but that is just to show how drastic of a statement it is. why would an eleven year old know the names of any professional bowlers? i can’t think of any reason other than his dad or mom being really into bowling. pam and i aren’t. yet when i turned on the tv and ran across professional bowling on espn noah immediately shouted out one of the bowler’s names and said “i can’t stand him … i like (someone whose name i don’t remember) better!)

i feel as though i have failed as a parent.

my run for the day
distance – 6.0 miles
time – 1:02:12
pace – 10:22/mile
weather – 27º

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  1. I have always figured thatthe only people with less of a life than the people who watch professional bowling are the professional bowlers themselves.

    What have you done with my grandchild? Where have you failed? What can we do to correct this situation?

  2. Two comments.

    1. I once bowled a 268. (I was in college at the time.)

    2. Have you gone and remeasured your distances for your practice runs? You mentioned something being off.

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