i know that this doesn’t matter to anyone who reads this blog but i just purchased sptapestry.org as an additional domain name for the tapestry website. why? well because i realized that stevenspointtapestry.org is a little long to put onto things. both domain names are good for the next two years and since their cheap i’ll probably keep both for a good long time.

the family and i went to see “horton hears a who” today and it was great. dr. seuss is wonderful and i think this movie is probably the best adaptations of his work thus far. it has such great themes running through it (messianic, the value of people, fighting for those weaker than you, standing on your beliefs, etc) but it is also quite funny. we watched it with a room full of kids, parents, and college students and the laughter was loud and strong. i also appreciated the fact that the animation was quite modern but still suessical.

SIDE NOTE – next week is wisconsin spring break. this means pam and the boys are off and i can’t really do much in getting tapestry going. therefore, we’re heading to chicago. pam and i have been to chicago separately but never with each other or the kids. we’re quite excited. right now the game plan involves a blackhawks game, eating a chicago style hotdog, spending time with some former youth, eating at ed debevic’s, hitting a bunch of museum’s, maybe seeing a play, and going to easter sunday church with some friends we made at our church planting assessment last year. i can’t wait. if anyone knows anything else that we absolutely “must” do please let me know because pam and i are always open to new ideas.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – while i run i am presently listening to david kinnaman’s book “unCHRISTian.” it’s amazing thus far. i’ll write more after i’ve finished it.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – yes we did survive having all the fourteen year olds over to our house. i’m not longer the youth minister of any of these kids. now i’m just a dad and therefore not real cool to have around. no one wanted to me to play halo. it was a sad night.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 54:15
pace – 10:51/mile
weather – 34º/sunny

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  1. Robert, I am proud of you for still enjoying having people over and lots of people over to your house. This is one of the biblical requirements for pastor that so many pastors have ignored. It’s funny how many churches look so strongly at the seminary degree and only in passing things like 1 Timothy 2:3 …. He must enjoy having guests in his home… New Living Translation

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