who fartleked?

my favorite running term of all time is “fartlek.” i get to fartlek for 5 miles today. i wouldn’t want to be behind me. 😉

pam and i finished watching “into the wild” last night and i think it was a really good version of the book. thanks to my brother-n-law (hi jim) i absolutely love love krakauer’s writing. i was worried that penn would play around with the brilliant manner in which krakauer tells the story but thankfully he basically stuck with it in manner and tone.

SIDE NOTE – my mother, the stalker, is a wealth of great finds. of course, this is true because of the fact that she’s a stalker. 🙂 anyway, she found the website of a guy in the point area who takes pictures of the region with his camera suspended from a kite. his photos are cool. i’ve seen the camera attached to a kite thing done before but the most impressive thing on his site is the contraption he created to be able to take a stitched panoramic photo from his kite. that’s pretty impressive.

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  1. That is funny, Jill and I watched “Into the Wild” last night too. I was concerned with how Penn would do it do because he can either be very wierd or absolutely brilliant. I thought it was pretty good. Krakauer is awesome and his only downfall is that he just doesn’t write enough books….

  2. Fartlek. . .heh heh heh. . .you said fart. . .heh heh heh.

    I love fartleks also. That’s my workout today as well.

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