running in the snow

i love running when it’s snowing. we got a small amount of snow today (less than an inch) and i’m guessing this was either our last or second to last snow for the season. of course, some of the locals i’ve spoken with say that my guess may be far off from what finally happens. anyhow, i love running in the snow because no matter how slowly i run i still feel pretty hard core for having run in the snow. i used to feel the same way about running in the rain in baton rouge.

SIDE NOTE – we started the curling club playdown tonight. my team won. woohoo!

SIDE SIDE NOTE – wow. i’ve been posting very boring stuff recently.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 52:49
pace – 10:33/mile
weather – 30º/snow

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  1. I don’t understand the training for a marathon. I looked at the schedule you posted on flickr, but i noticed that the longest you run before the big race is 20 miles. Isn’t a Marathon 26 miles? Also, what time are you shooting for under 5 hours? Under 4 1/2 hours? Like I said before, I really don’t understand the training for a marathon. You see, I’ve never done it myself.

    Since you had 2 side notes, I’ll post one to my comment.

    SIDE NOTE: So what is runner’s high? Is it that moment you feel really tall and light headed after you run, while you are trying to catch your breath?

  2. i’m not real sure that anyone understands marathon training. there are lots of different plans. the basic mindset is that it is better to be undertrained than overtrained. overtraining leads to injury. undertraining leads to you having a little more stored energy. i’m presently running 30-35 miles a week and by the end of the training i will be putting in around 40. therefore my legs will be in shape for running the 26.2 miles and it’s not really that important that i run the full 26.2 miles before the marathon. the difference physically between 26.2 and 20 (or 23 which is what i’ll probably actually run for my last long run) is not that great.

    my goal is 4:30 but 4:45 is probably more realistic. last year before my injury my goal was 4 even.

    SIDE NOTE ANSWER – i don’t run fast enough to be able to give you a good answer on that. i can tell you that after a couple of hours of running everything feels fine and i feel like i can go on forever.

  3. I got into running for a bit a few years ago, I didn’t measure distance, just time. Once I could run for an hour without stopping, I kinda felt that groove. I ended up phasing out the running, but I don’t remember why.

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