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chicago 2008
wednesday the family and i drove down to chicago for a few days. it was wonderful. we played tourists as much as we possibly could, going to a < href="">blackhawks game (which was awesome), hitting the art institute, watching the musical “suessical,” etc., etc. one of the most fun things for pam and i was getting visit with some of the people we know and love who live in and around chicago. it was great. a few years back when i stayed at the simple way some of the simple wayers talked about having homes everywhere (largely because they had no home of their own to limit them). i’m not sure i’m there yet but it does feel great when pretty much anywhere pam and i go we have people there whom we love. visiting new places is cool but connecting with friends is so much better.

of course, it feels wonderful to be back home.

SIDE NOTE – running along the lake michigan chicago lakefront during a snow storm was amazing. between the sights of downtown chicago and the docks the view was absolutely gorgeous. when you add the snow to this it was truly unforgettable.

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  1. Try Chicago in the summer. It’s a lot better – no snow!

    I noticed you were wearing a Packers sweatshirt in da Bears territory. Pretty brave of you, eh? Then again, you do run a lot so you could probably outrun most any bears fan.

  2. @arnold: thanks, i like the thought of being freakish. of course, running in the snow is very cool and you would probably love it too. running in a storm is even better.

    @mike: i’ve been there in the summer once. it was pretty hot. still i’ll take your word for it and go back this summer with pam. good catch on the packers sweatshirt. it was completely purposeful. i figured i migh get a comment or two but nothing was said. i also ran into a guy wearing an auburn hat. i walked over to him, tap him on the shoulder and said, “rolll tide.” i thought it would be fun. nothing, i got nothing from him.

  3. Robert, it was great to see you and to eat some Chicago pizza with you and the fam. I hope we can connect again in the next few months. I can’t wait to see what God does through you guys there in SP.

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