for people who can't stand church?

has anyone else noticed that most of the churches that say they are “the church for people who don’t like church” are typically doing the same churchy things as everyone else, but with a slightly more contemporary flare? i see this “church for people who don’t like church” catch phrase all over the place. i don’t really think that many churches can honestly use it. i don’t really think that we’ll (tapestry) use that slogan but i do hope we will truly be different from much of what’s around us. i love many of the churches around us but i don’t really want to merely replicate them.

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  1. I guess popular opinion is that there are a few things people who don’t like church don’t like.

    1. Sunday Clothes (“Stupid itchy church pants.” Homer Simpson)
    2. Long Sermons
    3. Hymns in Old English with slow tempo

    I don’t think those are the real things that turn people off from church, but those seem to be the cosmetic changes churches make. Personally I think the problems are

    * Lack of real fellowship with one another and with Jesus.
    * Lack of opportunities to obey Christ.
    * Things that take the place of Christ in worship.

    (by the way the cosmetic thing that I most dislike in church is powerpoint worship with pictures of mountains and rivers and babies)

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed this latest trend in church advertisement! Personally, after 20+ years I’m about to give up on finding even a reasonable “church”. I fit better at the local bar and coffeehouse; but they don’t have “programs” for the kids.

    Stephen hit on the head too — you can put a lot of make-up on a pig, but it’s still a pig. And I hate those powerpoints of mountains, rivers, and babies too — especially the one of the baby in the womb –sheesh. IMHO, the sights and sounds of worship should come from God’s people in wonderful communion with him, not a visual stimulant that someone said “whoa, that’s cool, let’s show it during worship”.

    Sorry for the rant…I’m really not that bitter.

  3. @wayne: you obviously haven’t been to any bars in wisconsin. there are plenty of “programs” for the kids. 🙂 the drinking age is determined by whether you have a parent with you or not. if mom or dad are there and you can lift your own glass then you can drink. if the parents aren’t there then it’s 21. i’m not really much of a bar guy myself. i don’t like alcohol and i’m allergic to smoke so i stay away unless there is a big game that just on the nfl network (i.e. the second packers/cowboys game – charter didn’t carry it). coffee shops are a different story. i spend a ton of time in them. emy j’s is my favorite around here (local is the only way to go).

    also don’t worry, i for one don’t think you’re bitter.

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